To contact us use the email listed above:
When you call, our options have changed to contact the person you need.
ext. 1 Admin. office
ext. 2 "Last call" lounge
ext. 3 Post Commander
ext.4 Sr. Vice Commander
ext.5 Quartermaster 
ext.6 Chaplain (Art Brennan)
ext. 7 Lounge manager
ext. 8 Aux.Pres.
ext. 9 Aux Treasurer 

Hours of Operation:
M:   9:30 am - 3pm
T:   9:30 am - 3 pm
W:   9:30 am- 3 pm
Th:   9:30 am- 2 pm
F:   9:30 am- 3 pm
Sat:   closed
Sun:   closed

Our volunteers/staff maintain the office of the hours.
Use our new phone system to contact the person you need to talk to.
Each has an extension to contact with them.
Example: Contact VFW Post 1650 Chaplain Art Brennan ext 6 is his ext.
call the number and wait for the ext. to come on.
 Your call is important to us. We will contact you when you leave a message on our extension.
Veterans: Thank you for your service.


To send us an EMAIL, please complete the form below.
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