Art Brennan
Chaplain - Army

My name is Art Brennan. I was born Sep 17, 1950 in NYC.

I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Newark in the 1960's. Parents bought a house in Central Jersey,when I was 13. I grew up in Piscataway N.J. It was turbulent time back than.

As a teenager, I rebel against my parents, grew my hair long and didn't care what I did.


When I was 20 in 1970, I got a letter for the service. I decided to sign up. I wanted to sign up for the tropics and palm trees. They signed me up for the tropics and napalm.

I was in Viet-Nam in 1970-71. I didn't stop doing what I was doing from being a teenager. I went over there and took care of business. I was all over Nam. Saigon to Chu Lai to Pleiku was strategically important during the war. I was in the Army Infantry (Grunt). Got out of there in June 30 1971. 5 days later I was under my bed because of all the fireworks (incoming at my house).

Got my job back. A brother (in arms), I knew in Nam came to visit. His GF broke up with him at my place.

Got married had a girl and got divorced in 5 years.


I hit bottom with all my dealings. I found God in my life. I found a beautiful woman who I am married to for 35 years.

I joined the VFW over 30 yrs ago. I never went to a meeting. VFW 1650 had a Viet-Nam recognition I went. I was honored and was giving a "welcome home" and with certificate and a metal from the VFW. I listen to the speech. A gentleman said"

If you want to be a voice, you need to be here".

I have been coming to the meeting from that day forward.

This Vets work real hard for our comrades that are of Post VFW 1650. I thank them for their service and continuing effort to do.

I am a volunteer at Topeka Bible Church.

I enjoy sports. I watch baseball and football. I collect sports cards and articles of sports, history and interesting facts of the world.